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Kimchi, Kimchi Every Day

School Library Journal Best Books 2022 List

Bookstagang Best Read Aloud Book of 2022 

“A delicious read-aloud and perfect recommendation for every child, any day of the week."


“Bright and joyful; just like kimchi, this tale has a delectable kick."



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"A child eats their way through the week.  Accompanied by a small gray bunny, a Korean child with pigtails throws their hands in the air, declaring, 'I eat kimchi every day. I like kimchi every way!' An eye-catching spread depicts a table with the child's Sunday meal: various dishes, including green onions, tofu, cucumber, and napa cabbage, flavored with kimchi. Illustrations created using colored paper, hanji, and digital art rely on textured layers and bright colors. The spare, rhyming narrative uses popping onomatopoeia and culinary descriptors as it weaves in waves across the spread. Each day progresses with a different popular Korean dish made with kimchi. Monday brings kimchi pancakes, while Tuesday shows the child pinching closed plump white dumplings. Korean words are incorporated in describing a boiling pot of kimchi stew on Wednesday, while Thursday rolls in with a full plate of kimchi kimbap. On Friday it's time for a crackling pot of kimchi fried rice topped with an egg, and finally it's Saturday, with ramyun complete with toppings including, of course, kimchi. The child narrator is in constant motion, dancing around the dishes of food with the bunny. They bring it all to a close dressed in a traditional hanbok, surrounded by kimchi jars while they once more express their love for the food. Appended are additional facts and a pictorial glossary explaining each dish. (This book was reviewed digitally.)


Bright and joyful; just like kimchi, this tale has a delectable kick."―Kirkus Reviews

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